Guide to CPAP Masks

Choosing the right mask for you

There three main types of CPAP masks, each with its own characteristics and benefits. Each type comes in all shapes and sizes to fit different shaped faces, and finding the right mask for you is crucial to the success of your treatment. The type of mask that best suits you depends on your breathing requirements, sleeping habits and personal preferences.

Nasal Masks

Nasal CPAP MaskThe wide range of style and sizes make nasal makes a popular choice. Nasal masks are usually triangular in shape, and fit over the nose from the bridge to the upper lip.


  • Natural airflow delivery is more comfortable for users with higher pressure requirements
  • Wide range of styles and sizes fit a wide range of facial shapes
  • Great for active sleepers who toss and turn a lot or side sleepers
  • Largest selection of masks available


  • Not ideal for mouth-breathers

Full Face Masks

Full Face CPAP MaskFull face masks cover the nose and mouth of the user, resting on the outsides of the face.


  • Only suitable option for true mouth breathers, as it allows you to receive the full benefit of therapy while breathing through your mouth
  • Ideal for high pressure settings as the large surface area distributes the pressure making for a more comfortable delivery


  • Higher chance of air leakage due to the large surface area
  • Due to larger size is difficult for stomach sleeping

Nasal Pillow Masks

Nasal Pillow CPAP MaskNasal pillow masks are one of the most popular mask choices due to their lightweight and minimal design. They are the smallest of the masks resting on the upper lip as pressurized air is delivered directly into the nostrils via two soft nasal tubes (pillows).


  • Great for active sleepers who toss and turn alot, or those who are clausterphobic or just don’t like a lot of material touching their face
  • Users can easily wear their glasses
  • Direct airflow reduces air leakage


  • Direct airflow may cuase discomfort or irritation inside the nostrils
  • Direct airflow may lead to higher incidences of nasal dryness
  • Not ideal for mouth-breathers

Which CPAP mask is best for me?

The only certain way to determine which CPAP mask is best for you is to take the time to try them. To ensure we find the right mask for you, Absolute Respiratory offers patients the opportunity to try different masks during your optional 30 day CPAP equipment trial. As well, after you purchase your CPAP, Absolute Respiratory allows you to trial a new mask, anytime. All masks purchased in store from Absolute Respiratory also have a 30 day exchange policy.

If you’re having difficulty wearing your current CPAP mask, check our CPAP FAQ, or give us a call so we can help you solve your mask usage issues and enjoy the full life-changing benefits of CPAP.

If you need a replacement mask, we offer a complete line of nasal masks, full face masks, and nasal pillow masks.